Dyon and Predrag, the founders of TALENTO TODAY, met while studying abroad at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Together they followed classes in the field of business and economics, and they quickly realized that they complement each other perfectly in their projects.

They both share great enthusiasm for new technologies, entrepreneurship and, above all, football. In 2017, the two decided to combine their enthusiasm for these topics and make them their profession. They founded TALENTO TODAY to change ‘status quo’ in scouting.

“We believe that everybody in this world is talented, and all people deserve an opportunity to show their talent to the world.”

With TALENTO TODAY, we are changing the way of scouting, by digitizing and turning around the process of scouting.

Accordingly to this vision, we give young athletes all over the world the opportunity to be found and scouted by professional football clubs to make their dreams come true, of being a pro football player.